Rewebbing A Lawn Chair: 6 Easy Steps For Rewebbing

Steps For Rewebbing A Lawn Chair

The users need to follow the below-mentioned steps for rewebbing a lawn chair:
  1. Purchase And Measure The Webbing: The first step is to take a lawn chair and determine the dimensions of the webbing that needs to be replaced. This webbing is available in rolls. Purchase the webbing rolls, washers, and the sheet-metal screws.
  2. Remove The Screws And Rivets: Then the next step is to take away the webbing by removing the screws. In some chairs, pop rivets are used for attaching the webbing. The pop rivets are removed with the help of drill bit and then instead of the pop rivet, the new webbing is attached with the screws on the lawn chair.
  3. Cut The Webbing: Now cut the webbing according to the dimensions of the old webbing. Cut the webbing 2 inches extra so that the webbing ends can be folded under the lawn chair while attaching the webbing.
  4. Start At The Back: Then start to attach the webbing on the lawn chair. Place the webbing over the seat and at the bottom portion of frame fix the webbing. The webbing is attached with the help of screws and the edges of the webbing are folded under the frame. This procedure is continued along the width of the chair seat until all the webbing is attached properly.
  5. Start At The Front: Now start from the front portion and fix the piece of webbing with the lawn chair and weave the webbing on the already fixed webbing along the width. The end edge of the webbing is attached to the backside of the chair. Continue to weave the webbing until all the webbing is attached with the lawn chair.
  6. Repeat The Same: Then repeat the same process for attaching the webbing at the back of the chair.
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