Reupholster Chair Cushion Foam: Steps To Reupholster Dining Chair Seat Foam

General Overview

The dining seat or any other chair is featured with plywood and foam inserts that if damaged needs for replacement. However, replacing the foam and fabric or any other material is not only recommended if they are damaged but can be updated if they look out of date as well. The reupholstering the dining seat chair is an easy and quick process and can be achieved by using the simple home tools.

Reupholster Dining Seat Chair Cushion Foam

Reupholstering the dining seat chair cushion foam can be done by following the given steps:
  1. Upside Down: Keep the chair in upside down direction and check the frame for screws once done unscrew the frame using the drill driver and separate the seat from it.
  2. Upright Position: Keep the chair standing in an upright direction and remove the cushion by inserting the putty knife in between the chair frame and back cushion.
  3. Facing Down The Cushions: To remove the fabric from the foam the cushion needs to be placed in face-down position and all the pins need to be removed from the fabric with the help of the staple puller.
  4. Loose Glue: Insert the putty knife beneath the foam to remove the glue and take off the foam from the plywood. Scrub the foam if some of it is on the plywood piece with the help of the putty knife.
  5. Spraying: The aerosol needs to be applied over the cushions.
  6. Fabric Foam: The dense fabric foam needs to be stacked on the cushion. Once done attach to the whole plywood piece.
  7. One Inch Extra: Ensure to keep one inch extra from the plywood sides.
  8. Trimming: The edges of the foam needs to be trimmed.
  9. Upholstery: The cushions are supposed to be placed on the upholstery fabric. Keep four inches extra than the foamed cushion from all sides.
  10. Heavy Object: Place some heavy weight on the plywood back in order to make the foam compressed.
  11. Attach Fabric: Fold the fabric and secure it with the seat using the staple gun. Cover all the sides and check if the foam and fabric are placed in the position perfectly.
  12. Place Cushion Back: Once done the seat cushion needs to be attached back to the chair seat and secure them by screwing with the frame like it was before.
  13. Hot Glue: The hot glue needs to be applied on the back of the plywood. Attach the cushion to the back of the chair and keep the chair pressed for thirty seconds to place it securely.
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