Reupholster Antique Chair: Steps To Reupholster Antique/Old Chair With Springs

Steps To Reupholster Antique/Old Chair With Springs

  1. Small Metal Nails: First of all, remove all the small metal nails along the line of the edge then fabric to the frame.
  2. Seat Base: Now remove the base of the seat by unscrewing the screws and store them for the later installation purpose, in case there are no screw then simply prey the base carefully and then Remove upholstered backing.
  3. Check: Now give a check to the chair like for webbing, springs as well as burlap that support the seat. Repair any webbing that is stretched out, broken.
  4. Old Fabric: Remove all the old fabric by simply removing the staples out of the seat base, but not to rip the fabric.
  5. New Fabric: Now lay the old fabric over the new one, and cut the pieces according to the old fabric pieces, but make sure to cut the new sections little bit larger than the previous one like 2 inches more.
  6. Replace: Now simply remove and replace old batting, springs as well as the padding if needed.
  7. Lay: Now lay the seat base on the surface area on a level, then place a new foam over it, then new batting and at last new fabric.
  8. Wrinkles: Now smooth out all the wrinkles of the fabric.
  9. Staple: Now Staple the fabric to the back and pull the fabric tight and staple on the opposite side, Now secure the seat base in the frame use the previouly stored screws to fix it.
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