Retro Furniture Abbotsford: Scandinavian & Designer Furniture In Melbourne

Scandinavian Furniture In Melbourne

The company namely "Interior Secrets" has the best Scandinavian furniture in the Melbourne area and some of the products that the company provides are as follows:
  1. Scandinavian Buffet Cabinet: This item is made up of natural oak and this cabinet will provide you storage and will glam up your interior decor.
  2. Scandinavian Studio Desk: It is made up of solid oak and veneer, and this item has the front drawer so that you can easily access up to your laptop or keyboard.
  3. Alchemy Cocktail Metal/Glass Table: This item will definitely shine in your living area, and it will definitely update your class.
  4. Scandinavian Drawer: This item has the retro charm, and has the 3 drawers that will add more storage to your spaces.
  5. Scandinavian Low Stool: This item is round in shape and is made up of solid oak, and has the soft mercury fabric seat, and the legs of this item are tapered and don't require that much effort in assembling.

Note: You can contact the company regarding the Scandinavian furniture on their given contact number 1300 668 605 or on their Email address at SALES@INTERIORSECRETS.COM.AU

Designer Furniture In Melbourne

The company namely "Curious Grace" has the best designer furniture in Melbourne city and some of their designer furniture collections that the company owns are as follows:
  1. Fawn Oak Coffee Table: This unique table has the hand-tied a rope that is made up of cotton. This item is made up of oak, timber, and glass that makes it look elegant.
  2. Sipa Three Low Table: This item is made up of ash timber and has the finishing of UV Polyurethane, and is available in two attracting colours.
  3. Poller Large Table: This item has a top of Black linoleum, and the base of this item is steel base that is coated with black powder And the bottom is made up of Spanish marble.

Note: You can Contact the company on their contact number 02 9960 6499
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