Restrapping Patio Furniture: Steps To Restrap The Outdoor Chairs

Restrapping Patio/Outdoor Chair Furniture

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily do the Restrapping of their outdoor furniture product:
  1. Remove The Old Straps: Firstly the customers have to trim all the old aged vinyl straps of the patio chair by using the scissors. Customers can easily detach all the old straps of the chair by crushing and dragging the straps until the straps get easily released from the body of the outdoor chair. Customers can also use the screwdriver or the pliers in order to twist those straps that are very hard to remove.
  2. Measuring The New Straps: The Customers then have to evaluate the size of the fresh new straps by using the measuring tape. The customers need to place the measuring tape at one end hole of the frame of the chair and then they need to enclose the tape all around the frame of the chair in exact direction and need to measure the other side of the chair by repeating the same process. The customers while measuring the frame of the chair must decrease the actual measurement by near about 10 percent in order to get the required size dimension for the fresh new chair strap.
  3. Cut The New Straps: The Customers then have to cut off the fresh new straps according to the size of the old straps. The Customers also need to drill a small hole at each corner of the new strap and the customers also need to cut the end of the new strap by using a scissor.
  4. Soak The Strap In Hot Water: The Customers then have to boil the water and then pour the boiling water into a large bucket and then the customers have to immerse the fresh strap in the bucket for near about five minutes so that the new straps will get soften and can be stretched easily. They then need to remove the new strap from the bucket by using the tongs and then they have to clean the strap by using a clean dry towel.
  5. Insert The Strap: And at last, the customers have to Insert the strap at the one end of the chair by using a rivet tool and then wrap it over around the frame of the chair and then tighten the screw by using a screwdriver. The Customers then have to softly handle the chair in one hand and then have to wrap the new strap at the opposite side as well by repeating the same process.
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