Restoring Wood Furniture Without Stripping: Steps To Restore & Refinish Wood Furniture Without Stripping

General Overview

Stripping furniture to restore its finish is very time consuming and hectic process and sometimes does not offer the expected results as well. Hence, it is always better to restore the wood furniture without stripping to get the desired job done without wasting much time and energy.

What Is The Natural Way To Refinish The Wood Furniture?

Refinishing of wood furniture naturally is an easy task and can be done by following the mentioned steps:

Items Required

The main items required to prepare the natural wood cleaner are:
1. Spray Bottle.
2. Water
3. White Vinegar
4. Olive Oil


1.Mixture: Add One cup of water and one cup of the vinegar along with the one tablespoon of the olive oil in the spray jar and shake it well.
2.Spray: Spray the mixture on the wooden furniture surface and rub it using a soft cloth to get back the luster.

What Are The Basic Steps To Restore Wood Furniture Without Stripping?

Steps to restore the wooden furniture without stripping are mentioned below:
  1. Cleaning: Prior to restoring it is very important to properly clean the wooden surface with natural cleaner. To create the solution take liquid Ivory dish soap and add it to the water mix them well and apply this solution on the wooden surface with a sponge. Rub smoothly till the dirt and grime is vanished. For moldings and carvings clean with the paint, the brush is recommended. Once done, rinse the surface with a dry or properly squeezed sponge and clear water and follow up by drying the surface using a soft dry towel.
  2. Treating White Rings: Apply petroleum jelly on the white rings and allow it to absorb overnight it will diminish the white rings. In case it does not work then get "Homax White Ring Remover" for the treatment.
  3. Paint Scrapping: Lightly scrape the paint without harming the surface of the furniture this can be done simply using a razor with edges covered with the masking tape.
  4. Fixing Missing Wood: Applying the Epoxy putty on the surface with missing or chipping wood is the best way to fix the missing wood surfaces. (Follow the instructions labeled on the product for application).
  5. Sanding: Once the Putty is properly fixed use self-adhesive sandpaper for sanding. Do it carefully to protect the other surrounding surface.
  6. Staining: Apply the matching gel stain in the grain direction.
  7. Color Restoring: Pour Gel stain on the soft cloth and apply it over the surface and follow up by wiping it with the soft cloth. For best finish allow the gel stain dry for 24 hours. Once dried coat the surface using wipe-on finish.
  8. Small Cracks: To make small cracks disappear fill them with colored wax using wax repair sticks.
  9. Wipe On Finish: Once everything is done use wipe-on the finish such as Minwax Wipe-on Poly to restore the finish.
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