Restoring Vintage Metal Lawn Chairs: Steps For Painting Old Metal Lawn Chairs

Steps For Painting Vintage/Old Metal Lawn Chairs

The steps for restoring the vintage metal lawn chairs are Mentioned below:
  1. Scrape & Sanding: With the help of wired brush remove any kind of the rust and gently scrub off the big pieces. After that sand the remaining rust, Sand the entire surface with the 80- to 100-grit sandpaper. For the Crevices and Curves use the hand sanding process, once most of the rust is gone then sand with 150-grit sandpaper or higher.
  2. Clean: Once the sanding is done and the surface is smooth then go for the cleaning with the help of solvent such as acetone.
  3. Primer: After the acetone cleans the chair, apply the best quality primer that should be rust preventive. Spray or brush slowly to avoid the drips.
  4. Paint: Once the primer is completely dried go for the paint using the best quality oil-based paint, paint the surface in the back and forth motion, in order to coat evenly follow the natural lines of the surface.
  5. Sealer: Once the paint job is done, then seal it with a sealer that will give it a shine and will give UV protection, for the smooth finish lightly sand in between the coats.
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