Restoring Painted Furniture: Easy Steps To Restore

Easy Steps For Restoring Painted Furniture

Here are the easy and quickest steps to restore the painted furniture:
  1. Clean: In order to restore the painted furniture, first clean the furniture with homemade solution. Simply, mix dish detergent with a large amount of water in a bucket. Use a sponge to clean the painted furniture.
  2. Scrape: First, determine the paint from the old finish then scrape the furniture with a putty knife or scraping tool to shave off a small patch of the finish.
  3. Seal: Now, seal or stain the old painted furniture with best sealer or stainer made for wood furniture. Use a medium grade paintbrush to seal the wooden furniture, use a thin paintbrush for the corners and the inside area of wooden furniture.
  4. Paint: Now, paint the wooden furniture with matching paint, simply use paintbrush or paint sprayer to paint the wooden furniture. Allow the wooden furniture to dry completely for 10-12 hours.
  5. Sand: In order to sand the wooden furniture, use 60 grit sandpaper or hand-held sanding machine to sand the wooden furniture. Clean sawdust which results after sanding, use a clean cloth to wipe the dust from the wooden furniture.
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