Restoring Metal Patio Furniture: Steps To Refinish Metal & Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture

How To Refinish Metal Patio/Outdoor Furniture?

The user needs to follow the below-given steps in order to restore metal patio/outdoor furniture back to its original or new look:
  1. Remove Rust & Flaking Paint:
    The first step in the process will be to remove flaking paint & rust by applying paint scraper on to the metal outdoor furniture. After that, the user needs to sand it down using steel wool of premium quality.
  2. Washing:
    The next step will be to wash the whole furniture using dish washing detergent and a rag. The user needs to spray the metal furniture off with a hose and let it dry completely.
  3. Prepare The Area For Painting:
    The user needs to cover everything that he doesn't want to get painted because while spray painting the furniture, the paint can spill on to the important things that are hard to recover. It is recommended to leave the 4-foot radius from the paint zone area and cover the concrete with plastic bags or a drop cloth.
  4. Spray Paint The Furniture:
    The last step will be to spray paint the whole furniture from 1 to 1.5 feet distance with side to side motions. The user doesn't need to spray too much paint on one spot. Also, it is recommended to apply two coats of spray paint but the second can only be applied once the first coat is completely dry.

Restoring Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

The steps to restore wrought iron patio furniture are given below:
  1. Remove Existing Finish:
    The first step will be to remove the existing finish from the wrought iron furniture along with dirt and rust. It is up to the user whether he uses a sander or a chemical rust remover that can be purchased from a local home improvement store. Both methods can be used to reach the bare metal.
  2. Wash & Dry The Furniture:
    The next step in the process will be to rinse the furniture in order to remove excess debris and rust particles from it. After that, the user needs to let it dry completely before proceeding forward.
  3. Apply Primer:
    The third step will be to apply rust resistant primer on the furniture specially made for metal surfaces. The primer helps to prolong the life of wrought iron furniture and prevent it from rusting.
  4. Paint The Restored Furniture:
    The next step in the process will be to paint the restored wrought iron furniture with paint made for metal. Ordinary paint can also be used but that can only cover the furniture for up to two seasons.
  5. Protect Furniture With Topcoat:
    The last step will be to apply two topcoats on to the restored wrought iron furniture in order to protect it from elements and furniture rust. The water-based acrylic paint is recommended for the topcoat of restored wrought iron furniture.
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