Restoring Faded Wood Furniture: Easy Methods & Steps

General Overview

The wood furniture despite the protections tends to fade with the time and needs the touch up to make it beautiful again. The restoration of the wood is a very easy task that requires to follow the ceratin simple methods and techniques. It must be noted that exposure to the direct sunlight is the main cause of the wood furniture fading and must be taken care of. The sunlight will not only result in color discoloration but can also damage the furniture fiber.

Easy Steps To Restore Faded Wood Furniture

Easy steps to restore wood furniture are mentioned as below.

Method 1- With Oil Treatment

Restoring wood with oil is recommended for the damages that are minor like small cracks. These minor cracks must be treated with the wood oil to get is original luster back. The oiling must be done of the furniture pieces that are made up of the mahoganies and walnuts.
Avoid: It must be noted that oil treatment is not recommended for the furniture made up of the materials like cherry and rosewood.


The steps to apply the oil on furniture as follows.
  1. Spot Test: For spot, testing must be done by applying the small amount of the oil at the hidden area of the faded portion and start rubbing the oil. Once done wait for a while to check if the color matches or not.
  2. Application: After achieving the satisfactory result the damaged area must be treated with the thin oil layer.
  3. Rubbing: After application smoothly rub the oil in the grain direction with the help of the 400 abrasive paper. Once the color is back applied the protective coating over furniture piece.

Method 2- By Refinishing

Another method to restore the fade wood furniture is by re-finishing it. The steps are mentioned below.
  1. Workspace: The workspace for the refinishing must be free from all types of dirt and grime. Drop cloths must be placed on the floor in order to begin the process.
  2. Furniture Cleaning: The furniture must be cleaned with the wet cloth to eliminate all the dirt and grime built up. Alternatively, the wet the soft cloth with white vinegar and rub the furniture with the same to remove all the dirt.
  3. Dry It: Let the furniture to dry before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Stripping: The remove the old paint, stain or finish the stripping using chemical stripper or sanding must be done. In the case of the antique furniture, the refinishing must be done with the professional only.
  5. Make Surface Even: The sanding on the uneven surfaces like splinters, cracks, etc is recommended to make the surface even as well as smooth.
  6. Paint And Stain: Apply the paint or stain over the piece that exactly suits the wood type. The painting or staining must be done exactly as per the directions labeled on the product.
  7. Sealing: Finally the sealant must be applied over the furniture piece in order to keep it protected for the number of years to come.
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