Restoring Dry Wood Furniture: Steps & Items Needed

Steps & Items Needed To Restore Dry Wood Furniture

Restoring dry wood furniture is an easy task to perform and to do that customers need certain items and then need to follow the steps given below:

Items Needed

  • Wood Cleaner.
  • 0000 Steel Wool.
  • Furniture Or Lemon Oil.
  • Soft Cloths.
  • Tung Oil Or Other Drying Oil.
  • Furniture Paste Wax.


  1. Wood Cleaner & Steel Wool: Firstly the customers need to clean the dry wood furniture completely with the help of wood clean & good quality steel wool. This can be done by rubbing the entire surface of the wood furniture but make sure to rub it gently in order to protect the finish and stain of the furniture. By applying wood cleaner & steel wool will help to get rid of the dirt and grimy surface of the furniture.
  2. Furniture Oil: Then apply the furniture oil to the wood with the help of soft cloth and rub with the grain. Make sure to apply the oil thoroughly on the entire surface of the wood furniture.
  3. Soak: If the wood is completely dry make sure to soak it whole night in order to hydrate the wood.
  4. Rub: Use clean part of the steel wool and that too in grain direction in order to rub the wood furniture.
  5. Tung Oil: The customers can also use the tung oil, also known by the name of China wood oil, to the surface of the wood furniture.
  6. Polish: Use wax in order to polish the surface of wood furniture but make sure to work in sections.
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