Restoring Cane Furniture: Steps & Items Needed To Restore

Steps & Items Needed To Restore Cane Furniture

Cane furniture is made up of different types of natural materials such as sugar cane and bamboo. Caning is performing of weaving chair seats and other kinds of furniture. If you have an item of cane furniture and you want to restore it, then you need to collect certain items and follow the given steps afterwards. Here are the steps & items needed to restore your old cane furniture.

Items Needed In This Project

  • Sand Paper/Emery Sheet (180 and 320) & Wood Primer
  • Wood Enamel & Thinner
  • Brush & Varnish
  • Waste Cloth & Newspaper
  • Mixing Mug & Old Cloth

Steps For This Project

  1. Safety: Use old clean cloth or face mask to cover your face because the smell of paint contains harmful chemical that can damage you easily. Also, wear eye glasses in order to protect your eyes.
  2. Spread: Spread newspaper sheets on the floor and around your cane furniture to keep your floor clean from stains.
  3. Tear: Tear a piece of emery sheet according to your palm size and then rub your cane furniture with it to remove dirt, old varnish and old paint. This step will make lots of dust, clean it completely after finishing your rubbing process.
  4. Primer: After the rubbing process, now use thinner if there is any old primer if not then leave it. Simply take a soft paintbrush and dip it in your primer can and work according to wood grain.
  5. Dry: After applying the first coat of primer on your cane furniture, now let it dry for a maximum period of 24 hours. Once dry, again apply the second coat of primer according to the previous step.
  6. Sand: Once both coats of primer dried, then grab sandpaper(180 grade) and rub the surface of your cane furniture to get a smooth surface of it.
  7. Mix: Take a small quantity of paint and mix it with thinner (according to the product instruction) and apply it on your cane furniture by using a paintbrush and wait for at least 1 day for the drying process.
  8. Varnish: After your cane furniture is dried fully, now apply one layer of suitable varnish because the varnish will protect your furniture from dirt & dust.
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