Restoring Bamboo Rattan Furniture: Easy Steps

General Overview

The bamboo rattan furniture offers natural beauty for years ahead and needs to be properly maintained in order to keep them in best conditions forever. Exposure to various outdoor as well as indoor elements harms the bamboo rattan furniture to the great extent that results in the cracks and another set of the damages. There is the possibility of the mold and mildew growth as well if the furniture is exposed to moisture for long.

Easy Steps To Restore Bamboo Rattan Furniture

The easy steps to restore the bamboo rattan furniture are mentioned below:

To Restrict Mold And Mildew

The steps mentioned below are specifically mentioned to restore mold and mildew affected rattan furniture.
1.Clean: Take the furniture out to clean all the dirt and debris built up with the help of the soft-bristle brush. This will also clean the mold and mildew from it.
2.Vacuum: Deep vacuuming of the entire furniture is very much necessary to clean it properly.
3.Bleach And Water Solution: Prepare the bleach and water solution to apply it over the furniture using the scrub brush. Apply the solution too hard to reach area using the toothbrush or cotton swab.
4.Clean Water: Fill the container/ bucket with the clean water and wet the sponge with same. squeeze the extra water from the sponge and rub the bamboo rattan furniture. Follow by drying it with the dry towel.
5.Air Dry: Let the furniture to air dry completely for a couple of days.

Restoring Sag

1.Wet Towel: Wet the towel with water and squeeze the water out of it. Make sure to squeeze most of the water and rub the Sag affected area with the same. Don't rub the frame of the furniture piece as it may get damaged.
2.Dry It: Keep a towel over the sag area and allow it to dry for the night.
3.Remove Towel: The towel must be removed from the affected area after a night. Let the furniture air dry completely for many days.

For Tightening

In order to tighten loose furniture parts like wrappings fibers, etc, follow the steps below:
1.Glue Down: If the furniture is affected with split ends the gluing down is recommended. Treat the split ends using the wood glue with the help of the cotton swab. Keep the pieces close together by securing it with the painter's tape. Allow the glue to dry.
2.Loose Wrapping: Unwarp the wrapping to eliminate the sacking and tighten it again. The wood glue needs to be applied on the unwound fiber with the help of the cotton swap.
3.Re-wrap: The fiber again needs to be re-wrapped tightly and secure it using the painter's tape. Allow the glue to dry.
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