Restore White Leather Couch: Steps To Clean & Fix White Leather Couch

Steps To Clean & Fix White Leather Couch

Leather is a durable & sturdy material that is mostly used to make shoes, purse, and furniture. The leather has a porous surface that can absorb oils from hands and skin, causing stains on to the leather. The most susceptible leather for stains is white leather that can be restored by following the below-given methods:

Regular Cleaning:

Regularly, the white leather couch needs to be wiped out using a microfiber cloth in order to get rid of light soiling and smudges from it.

Deep Cleaning:

The steps to follow for deep cleaning a white leather couch are given below:
  1. Prepare A Solution:
    For deeper cleaning, a commercial cleaner is recommended or the user can make his own cleaner by mixing a few drops of liquid dish soap or Castile and a few drops of vinegar in warm water.
  2. Wipe Down The Leather Surface:
    The next step for deep cleaning will be to dampen the cloth in a solution and wipe down the whole surface with it. It has been recommended not to saturate the leather as too much water can damage the leather.
  3. Wipe Off The Leather Surface:
    After that, the user needs to wipe off the soapy surface using a second cloth dampened in clean water and dry the surface thoroughly before using it again.

Alternate Cleaning:

The user can also remove the stains from the white leather couch by following the below-given steps:
  1. Prepare A Cleaner In a Spray Bottle:
    The first step will be to prepare a cleaner by mixing half cup olive oil and 1/4 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle.
  2. Spray Stains:
    After that, the user needs to locate a stain and spray a mixture on to it and wait for 5 minutes.
  3. Wipe Off The Surface:
    The last step will be to wipe off the surface with a clean cloth dampened in clean water and dry it thoroughly before putting the white leather couch to use again.

Note: It has been recommended by the experts to avoid ammonia or bleach-based cleaners as they can damage the leather surface.
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