Restore Oxidized Patio Furniture: Steps

Restore Oxidized Patio Furniture

Here are some of the steps to restore the oxidized patio furniture:
  1. Clean The Furniture Product: Firstly the customers should clean up all the dirt and debris from the surface of the aluminum furniture item by using a mild soap, clean water, and a soft sponge. Allow the furniture product to dry in the open air for a few hours.
  2. Mixing Up The Mixture: Once the furniture product is completely dried then the customers should Mix a solution of vinegar and water and then rinse the sponge in that solution and rub it vigorously all over the surface of the aluminum furniture.
  3. Applying The Compound: The customers should then apply a layer of the automotive compound by using a soft dry cloth. The customers should apply the compound in the round motion circular to the medium oxidized areas. The customers should allow the compound to dry completely and they should clean the whole surface of the aluminum furniture product with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  4. Clean The Heavy Oxidized Areas: The customers then should add a small amount of the dishwashing soap to the water and rinse the steel wool in that soapy water and rub it smoothly over the heavy oxidized areas of the aluminum furniture.
  5. Wash The Furniture Product: And at last, the customers should clean the furniture product by using clean water and allow the aluminum furniture product to dry completely in the open air for a couple of hours.
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