Restore Finish On Kitchen Cabinets: Steps To Restore Finish On Kitchen Cabinets

Steps To Restore Finish On Kitchen Cabinets

In order to restore the finish on Kitchen cabinet follow the below mentioned steps:
  1. Remove: Remove all the hardware like handles, hinges, etc.
  2. Mineral Spirits Now use a mineral spirits on a clean rag to clean all the grimes, oil residue and dust from the surface.
  3. Sand: Now sand the cabinets with the 220-grit sandpaper. Apply the long even strokes all the way in the direction of the wood.
  4. Tack Cloth: Now with the help of the tack cloth remove all the dust from the surface, if necessary than wipe the entire cabinets with mineral spirits.
  5. Touch Up: Before applying the stain finish look for the touch ups, in order to ensure the even color.
  6. Stain And Polyurethane: Now mix the stain and polyurethane well, while mixing please make sure that no pigments are left to the bottom of the can, for the best results use the same or slightly darker color for cabinets.
  7. Paint: Now apply the paint to the cabinet molding and trim areas first in the directions of the grains, next apply to the flat areas, in order to get the best result in the finish coat keep the strokes even and regular.
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