Restoration Hardware Kitchen Island: Easy Methods To Restore

Easy Methods To Restore Hardware Of Kitchen Island

Restoring the hardware is an easy task, and the user can itself do it at home. The below-mentioned methods are very easy to follow in order to restore the hardware of kitchen island. So follow the methods carefully to get the better result of your task:

Method 1: Soap And Water Method

  1. Warm Water: In this step the user needs to fill a sink or bowl with warm water before adding a squirt of dish washing liquid or olive-based soap. In order to make the suds, swish the water around with the hands.
  2. Rag: After preparing the solution than dip a rag in it and remove the excess water by wringing it out.
  3. Wipe The Hardware: Now in this step wipe down the hardware of kitchen island with the soapy rag. In case of the tough grime, take a soft toothbrush and dip into the water and start scrubbing.
  4. Remove The Soap Residue: Take another rag or rinse the old rag that was used with the soap solution and wipe down the hardware so that all the soap residue is removed.
  5. Buffing: At last Buff the cleaned hardware with a dry clean chamois cloth to polish and to make it shine.

Method 2: Vinegar Cleaning Solution Method

  1. Solution: To make a solution put 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar with 1/2 cup water in a spray bottle and shake the bottle very well to mix it up.
  2. Rag: Now in this step the user needs ta take a cloth or rag and spray it with the solution. Its important not over wet the rag only make it damp.
  3. Wipe The Hardware: Now its time to wipe down the hardware with the cloth soaked in a vinegar solution. If necessary rinse the cloth and then wet it again with the same solvent mixture. At last buff the hardware in the same way as mentioned above.

Method 3: Removing And Soaking

  1. Unscrew: In this method the first step is to place all the unscrewed hardware sink or bucket which should be full of hot water and then add enough dish washing liquid to create the suds. The user can also add 1/2 cup of white vinegar. It's very important to Submerge the hardware in the solution for about several hours or even overnight.
  2. Remove The Hardware: Now, after overnight remove the hardware from the solution but one piece at a time and scrub it well using a soft toothbrush. In case the hardware is tarnished, that time spray the brush with white vinegar and lightly sprinkle the bristles of the brush with salt before starting the scrubbing.
  3. Rinse And Buff: At last, rinse and buff the hardware pieces, so that the shine will be restored.
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