Replacing Wood Floors Old House: Steps To Replace

Steps To Replace The Wood Floors Old House

The Steps to replace the Wood Floors Old House are as follows;
  1. Removing: The first step is to remove the old flooring that has been glued to the subfloor, then remove all the remaining adhesive from the floor, the easy way to remove this is to use the floor buffer and an abrasive disk or with a flooring edger. For the floor that has not been glued simply cut a strip of one course with the help of the circular saw which in turn allows to pry up all the others easily.
  2. Prepare The Subfloor: Now the important step is to level the subfloor, in case it is not leveled then it can cause wood flooring to crack or squeaks and can also produce undesirable defects under any type of rigid floor covering.
  3. Leveling Compound: In order to level the floor use the leveling compound and fill all the depressions and carefully sand away any high spots.
  4. Moisture Barrier: Now in order to protect the floor covering use the moisture barrier which can be tar paper, plastic sheeting or a vinyl underlayment. In case the subfloor is concrete then it should be completely dry before using the moisture barrier.
  5. Laying The Floor: Now the step is to apply the wooden floor, the nailing is best option to lay the floor then gluing because it is very less messy and is an easy way to install the floor. The other benefit of the nailing is that it brings the boards together with no gap.
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