Replacing Veneer On Furniture: Steps To Replace Wood Veneer On Furniture

What Are The Steps To Replace Wood Veneer On Furniture?

The wood veneer adds a decorative look to the furniture. The damaged wood veneer can be replaced by a new veneer. The material required for this process includes Putty knife, Measuring tape, clean cloth, Clamps, New veneer, Heat gun, White glue, Wax paper, etc. The steps are given below:
  1. Remove Old Veneer: The first step is to remove away the old veneer from the furniture by applying heat on the edges of the veneer by using a heat gun.
  2. Scrape The Surface: Next step is to remove the dust particles and glue from the surface of the furniture with the help of a putty knife.
  3. Measure The Veneer: Now measure the area on which the new veneer is to be replaced.
  4. Clean: Then clean the veneer and the surface of the furniture with a clean cloth. Apply glue on the back side of the veneer and on the surface of the furniture. Remove the extra glue with the help of a wet cloth.
  5. Clamp Wood Blocks: The user needs to place the wax paper sheet over the replaced wood veneer in order to clamp the blocks of wood to the furniture surface including both sides and let the glue dry for about a day.
  6. Remove Clamps: When the glue dries completely remove away the clamps.
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