Replacing Engineered Hardwood Floor Planks: Procedure To Replace Planks

Procedure To Replace Planks In Engineered Hardwood Floor

The engineered hardwood floor planks are also known as "floating floors. The Engineered Hardwood Floor Planks are clipped with one another with the tongue and groove but these types of Planks are not secured to the subfloor or walls. They merely sit on the floor and are fixed down by the floor trim. The best procedure for Replacing Planks in Engineered Hardwood Floor is as follows:
  1. Floor Trim: The first step in the replacement process is to remove the floor trim with the help of the hammer and pry bar. Carefully remove the trim without breaking the wood, tap the nails with the help of the hammer.
  2. Pull Apart: The next step is to Pull apart the floorboards along the wall close to the damaged board. Now carefully separate the floorboards by simply pushing them to the gap that is from the wall side.
  3. Remove: Now another step is to get rid of the damaged plank and fix the new board in the place, the new plank should be placed in a way that it must be snapped with the rest of the boards.
  4. Re-set: Once the damaged board is replaced then re-set the planks that was taken out. Fix the planks to their corresponding locations where they were installed. Continue the process until all floors are back in place.
  5. Re-nail The Trim: The last step is to re-nail the floor trim to its place, the user should use the new nails in previous holes.
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