Replace Particle Board Under Sink: Easy Procedure & Items Required

Easy Procedure & Items Required To Replace The Particle Board Under Sink

The moisture and the humidity can easily damage the particleboard that is used under the sinks. The wet, stinky particleboard usually holds up the water which usually leads to the formation of the mildew and the mold. The users can easily replace the particle board under the sink at home by gathering the materials that are mentioned below and then following the below-described procedure:

Items Required

  • Handheld Rotary Tool & Bathroom Caulk
  • Wood-Cutting Blade, Screwdriver & Pry Bar
  • Drywall Screws & Measuring Tape
  • Utility Knife, Tile-Cutting Blade & Pencil
  • Framing Square & Cement Backer Board


  • Use The Rotatory Tool: The users need to start by trimming across the central part of the wood beneath the sink by using the rotatory tool armored with the trimming blade. They need to trim from the kitchen cabinet back to the front accordingly.
  • Pull The Wood: Then they need to slip the prybar in the trimmed part over the floor of the cabinet's wood and then gently pull the wood from the kitchen cabinet base by using the prybar for the weight. The wood glue or the nails holds up the base piece of the wood to the braces set at the cabinet base. Then they need to detach the pre-existing wood from the surface of the kitchen cabinets.
  • Take The Measurements: Then they need to calculate the length and the thickness of the floor of the kitchen cabinet by using the measuring tape. Then they need to transfer their calculated measurements over the cement backer board piece and then use the pencil to mark down the proper places. Then they need to draw the plan of the floor pf the kitchen cabinets directly over the piece of the backer board and then also use the framing square to act as the straightedge.
  • Trim The Board: Then they need to change the blade of the rotatory tool and then trim the backer board as per the outline marks. The users can also trim the backer board by folding it as per the pencil marks and then trim it accordingly by using the utility knife.
  • Place The Board: Then they need to place the trimmed backer board piece directly into the cabinet beneath the sink and then affix the backer board piece strongly with the braces of the floor by using the drywall screws and the screwdriver in order to twist down the screws.
  • Use The Caulk: Finally the users need to run the bathroom caulk bead in between the backer board corner and the cabinet. Then they need to wrap up each screw by using the caulk respectively.
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