Replace Kitchen Island: 5 Easy Steps To Replace

5 Easy Steps To Replace Your Kitchen Island

The lifespan of a kitchen island is near about 20-25 years without refinishing or repairing but you can also extend it by taking proper care of it, but still, if you want to replace your old kitchen island to new one because of some reasons then you don’t have to worry about this because we are always here to help you, just collect the basic hand tools, tape measure, and new kitchen island, once collected now follow the given steps carefully, here are the steps for this process.
  1. Deciding What Kind Of Kitchen Island: Before starting the ripping out the old kitchen island, first you need to choose the type of now kitchen island.
  2. Disconnect Any Plumbing Or Electricity: Most of the kitchen islands will have some sort of plumbing to accommodate a prep sink and electricity for an outlet or for the attached counter top stove. Before removing your old island you will need to disconnect this infrastructure safely. Shut off the water & the electricity before doing any of these tasks. Mark off the hot & cold water pipes and the wiring so you can hook them back up easily.
  3. Remove Old Island: Remove your counter-top so you can to the inside of your kitchen island easier & also make it much easier to carry. Your old kitchen island will be attached to your floor by the nails from the bottom base plate of your frame. Pry this up carefully with the help of a pry bar or by a hammer but you need to try that do not damage your floor or you will have to patch up that portion of your floor before putting in the new kitchen island. Remove your old kitchen island & either salvage part out of it or dispose of properly.
  4. Clean Area And Prepare Floor: Before installing your new island you will have to clean your floor of any grime, debris or even mold & mildew. If there are any holes in your floor that will not be covered up til now then you need to take the time to patch them now.
  5. Install New Kitchen Island: Bring in your new kitchen island & place in the area where you are going to install it now.
  6. Hook Up: Hook up any of the plumbing & electrical wiring which needs to be connected now. Turn on the power & water to ensure everything works fine & there are no leaks. Slide the new kitchen island into its permanent position and then attach it with screws to the floor. Finish the flooring to match the existing floor & then add trim it to the bottom of your kitchen island.
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