Repair Vinyl Wrap Cabinet Doors: 3 Easy Steps To Repair

Vinyl cabinets are used to store cooking equipment, dishes, utensils, and food and help to save space for other items in the kitchen. The cabinet door can easily be damaged or wrapped by the smoke and moisture of cooking and needs to be repaired or refinished after a short period of time. The repairing and refinishing method of cabinets door is inexpensive and easy to do.

Steps And Items Needed To Repair Cabinet Doors

Here are items and easy steps to repair wrap cabinet door easily:


  • Masking tape.
  • Wood glue.
  • Xacto knife.
  • Router.


  1. Glue: The first step to fix the wrap cabinet door is to apply glue with paintbrush or with a cotton bud on the peeling area of the cabinets doors and press the vinyl sheet back on cabinet doors and apply masking tape there until the glue is dried fully.
  2. Deal With Bubbles: In order to remove bubbles from cabinets doors, use X-Acto knife to remove bubbles, simply slice the bubble and put some glue in the syringe, then inject a small amount of glue on bubbles area and press the area until it gets flat.
  3. Use A Router: If there is any excess glue after applying, then use a router with a flush-cut at the edges of the vinyl cabinet door. The user can also use a sharp knife with a serrated edge but don't use an X-Acto knife for this process.
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