Repair Vinyl Flooring Gouge: 4 Easy Steps To Repair

Steps To Repair Vinyl Flooring Gouge

The customer can repair burns and gouge on the vinyl floors. The tools that are required in repairing vinyl flooring gouge includes utility knife and vinyl repair kit. The steps are mentioned below to repair the vinyl flooring gouge:
  1. Buy The Kit And Prep The Surface: The first step is to purchase the vinyl repair kit. Then apply tape on the surrounding area of the damaged vinyl floor. Take a utility knife and cut the loose fragments. Then clean the damaged area from inside with the help of a wet rag and make the edges smooth. The maintenance of the vinyl flooring is easy but hot and heavy objects can damage the floor.
  2. Mix And Apply Paint: Next step is to mix the paint and match the color with the floor. Then apply paint at the inner side of the floor and at the edges of the floor surface. Clean the extra paint from the vinyl surface. Wait for 15 minutes and allow the paint to dry.
  3. Add Filler And Floor Bond: Put the filler powder in the damaged area and make the surface smooth. Then saturate the filler powder by floor bond and wait until the compound hardens.
  4. Sand Smooth And Finish: Last step is to apply acrylic finish on the repaired area and let it dry for about 2 hours. After applying bond if the floor surface feels rough then lightly sand the surface.
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