Repair Split Table Leg: Easy Steps To Repair

The wood table is a type of wood furniture, mostly placed in the dining room or in the living room. The wood table has a flat surface and 2 or 4 legs. The wood Table is very useful to keep the item on it like a mobile phone, laptop, tea, coffee. The lifespan of the table is nearly 5-8 years if cared properly. The table can easily damage by sharp things or get minor stains from tea, coffee, and juice.

Steps To Repair Split Table Leg

Here are easy steps to repair split table legs:

Repairing Splits Or Cracks In Table Legs

  1. Narrow Cracks Or Splits: First step to repair split table leg is to use wood glue on narrow cracks or splits. Simply, apply some glue on the cracks or splits, then let it dry.
  2. Use A Putty Knife: The user needs to purchase wood putty first, then apply wood putty with a putty knife to split and cracks until it is filled.
  3. Wet Sponge: Use a sponge (wet) to clean extra wood putty from the leg of the table.

Repairing Scuffs And Scratches To Table Legs

  1. Sand: The user need to sand the surface of the leg very lightly to make a smooth surface. Use small grit sandpaper for this work.
  2. Cotton Swab: Use cotton swabs dipped in wood stain which matches the shade of the table. Paint the scratch and scuff with cotton swabs.
  3. Dry: Finally leave the fan and windows open for faster drying of table.
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