Repair Scratches Hardwood Floor Polyurethane: Steps

Steps To Repair Scratches From Polyurethane Hardwood Floor

The Polyurethane finish on the hardwood floor surface protects it from stain and moisture. When the floor gets scratched the protective barrier breaks down and thus it is necessary to repair the scratches from the hardwood floor surface with a polyurethane finish. The steps are mentioned below to repair scratches from the hardwood floor:
  1. Remove Dust: The first step is to clean the dirt and debris from the scratched area with the help of vacuum or broom.
  2. Sand The Floor: Next step is to take sandpaper and lightly sand the scratched area in the wood grain direction.
  3. Wipe And Dry The Floor: Now dip the clean cloth in water and wet it then rub the cloth on the scratched area and clean the sanding residue from the affected area. Leave the area to dry completely.
  4. Apply Stain: Take a wood marker and apply stain on the scratched area to match with the color of the floor.
  5. Brush The Scratch And Allow It To Dry: Put the brush in the polyurethane and rub it on dry paper towel then wipe the scratch with the dry brush in order to combine with the flooring. Allow the polyurethane finish to dry for about 24 hours.
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