Repair Scratched Veneer Table Top: Easy Steps To Fix

General Overview

It is obvious that day to day use will result in the scratches of the veneer table tops even if maintained carefully. But the good news is that both minor and deep veneer wood table top scratches can be repaired at home with simple steps and proper methodology. Ensure to treat the deeper scratches at a time because they may damage the surface if not taken care of immediately.

Easy Steps To Fix Scratched Veneer Table Top

Easy steps to fix the damaged or scratched veneer table top surface are mentioned below:
  1. Clean: The first thing is to clean the surface from the scratched area as before treating the scratches it is mandatory to remove all the dirt and dust from the surface.
  2. Matching Dye: Apply the matching color shoe polish over the scratch as a dye and rub it finely to make the scratch disappear. Alternatively, the brown crayon or iodine can also be used as the dyes to stain the scratches on veneer and make them disappear.
  3. Wax Stick: Filling the scratches with the matching color wax stick is also the best way to fill the scratch surface. Ensure, to level the scratch color with the surface. Once the scratch is filled use the art brush to give some grain impression over the surface. Once done hand polish the surface using the paste wax.
  4. Scratch Repair Liquid: This is another possible way to treat the veneer scratches. All are required to do is to apply the little amount of the commercial scratch repair liquid over the affected area and fill the area completely. Excess needs to be removed using the putty knife. Handcuff the surface using the paste wax.
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