Repair Scratch On Vinyl Floor: Steps To Fix Scratches

How To Repair/Fix Scratch On The Vinyl Floor?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily repair the scratch on the Vinyl Floor:
  1. Gather All The Tools And Materials: The customers need to start by collecting all the materials and the tools they require while performing this procedure like a sponge, warm water, Clean cloths, sandpaper, Dishwashing liquid, rubbing compound and the Bucket.
  2. Make A Mixture: The customers then need to make a mixture of the dishwashing liquid and the warm water in a large bucket. They need to stir the mixture continuously until the soap is completely dissolved in the water. The customers then need to use a soft sponge and dip it into the mixture and then rub it all over the scratched area on the floor in order to clean all the dust and the debris particles from the floor. After that allow the floor to dry completely.
  3. Use The Sandpaper: Once the Vinyl floor is completely dried the customers need to use the sandpaper and rub it gently all over the scratched areas on the floor. The customers then need to remove all the dust from the floor by using the soft damp sponge and then let the floor dry completely.
  4. Use The Compound: The customers then need to use the rubbing compound and pour a little amount of the compound on a soft clean cloth. The customers then need to rub the cloth all over the scratched areas on the floor. They then need to use another soft cloth in order to wipe away all the excess compound from the floor. The customers then need to check the floor and if they still find out some scratches then they need to repeat the same procedure until the scratches completely vanish from the vinyl floor.
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