Repair Hardwood Floor Finish: Methods To Spot Repair Hardwood Flooring Finish

Methods To Spot Repair Hardwood Flooring Finish

Mostly, hardwood floors are coated with polyurethane finishes that are sturdy but the finishes are not capable to resist any type of stain or scrape. In Case of minor damages on the hardwood flooring, the user can spot repair the flooring by following the below-given procedure:
  1. Test The Finish:
    Before applying any chemical product on to the hardwood flooring, it has been recommended by the experts to test the chemical reaction on the finish at an inconspicuous or hidden location.
  2. Scratches Repair:
    In order to spot repair scratch marks, the user needs to apply a coating of floor wax on to the shallow scratches with a soft cloth. After that, the user needs to remove the excess wax followed by buffing the hardwood flooring. Apart from the wax coating, the user can repair scratches from the hardwood flooring by using a touch-up polyurethane repair kit as per the directions of the manufacturer.
  3. Stains Repair:
    The user can remove food stains such as grease, oil, and milk stains from the hardwood flooring by wiping down the surface with a slightly damp cloth. In Case, the stains are not wiped off, the user needs to saturate cotton with hydrogen peroxide and set it on the stain followed by dipping the second cotton in household ammonia and then placing the second cotton on top of the first one. The user needs to let them set on the stain for a few minutes in order to Wick up the stain. After that, the user needs to wipe down the floor using a clean cloth and dry the flooring. Once the flooring is dry, the user needs to apply a coat of floor wax on the flooring finish and buff it afterward.
  4. Water Stains Repair:
    In order to spot repair water stains, the user needs to rub the stains with steel wool in order to get the stains off it. In Case the stains are too deep, the user needs to sand gently on to the stains in the direction of the wood grain by using fine grit sandpaper until the stains are removed. After that, the user needs to wipe the sand dust from the flooring using a dampened cloth dipped in mineral spirits. At last, the user needs to dry the flooring before applying a wax coat on the repaired area.
  5. Repair Black Shoe Marks:
    The black shoe marks from the hardwood flooring can be removed by rubbing steel wool over the marks. The steel wool needs to be dipped in a small dap of floor wax. Once the marked are removed, the user needs to buff the repaired area with a clean cloth.
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