Repair Engineered Wood Floor Water Damage: Major Steps To Repair

Major Step To Repair The Engineered Wood Floor Water Damage

The main result of the water damage on the Engineered Wood Floor is buckling. The buckling can happen from the moisture content that gets build with the span of time, or if a floor is suddenly flooded with the water. Ther are a number of the reason for the moisture build-up like natural rise and fall of humidity levels or from the spills that have not been cleaned. The easy way to fix this problem is mentioned below;
  1. Marking The Area: The first step in repairing the floor is to mark the area with the grease pencil or piece of chalk then draw a box around the affected area. in order to keep the lines straight use a ruler.
  2. Circular Saw: Now, the next step is to set the circular saw setting according to a depth of the board and carefully cut the board according to the marked lines.
  3. Remove The Board: The chisel or pry bar works well to remove the damaged board, carefully hold the pry bar or chisel at the 45-degree angle against the edge of the board then tap with the hammer gently.
  4. Remove The Moisture: Now with the help of the towel remove all the moisture and use the vacuum cleaner to dry out the area.
  5. Scrapper: In case, the Engineered Wood floor was installed using the glue then use the scraper to remove the glue residue.
  6. New Board: Now the user needs to fit the new board in the cutted area, it is important to do a dry fit first.
  7. Attach: Once the board completey fits in the area then apply the glue and adhesive, spread evenly on the surface and in case the board was installed using nails then use the same size nails to attach the board again.
  8. Heavy Weight: In case of the glue place a heavyweight on the board for about 45 minutes this will help to bond the board with subfloor firmly.
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