Repair Chair Seat Webbing: Brief Overview

General Overview

Repairing chair webbing is an art and requires the following steps to proceed. The various steps to repair the chair seat webbing are mentioned below:

Required Items

  • jute webbing, web stretcher
  • Electric or pneumatic stapler, Scissors
  • Burlap, Foam, Adhesive
  • Foam, Adhesive, and Electric knife

Steps To Follow

1.Jute Webbing: Take one cut end of the jute webbing and staple the same from the center direction.
2.Pull: The webbing needs to be pulled from the other side of the chair and stretch the webbing from the beneath of the chair. Secure the webbing using stapler from the top edge.
3.Repeat: Repeat the second step while webbing both sides of the chair.
4.Weave: Now start weaving the webbing throughout the entire chair.
5.Burlap: The burlap piece is required to be cut and use around the entire chair by stapling it around the edges.
6.Fold: Fold the burlap edges again and staple it from all sides.
7.Paper: Keep the paper on the seat deck and cut it according to the shape.
8.Cut Foam: Put the paper on the foam to cut it according to the shape using an electric knife.
9.Spray Adhesive: Spray adhesive over the entire burlap to attach the foam on it.
10.Batting: Apply batting to make the chair new once again.
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