Repair Chair Seat Cushion: Steps To Repair

Steps to Repair Chair Seat Cushion

The chair seat cushion can always be removed and repaired due to the fact that it is built separately and affixed with a chair before shipping. If the user has a torn or ripped chair seat cushion, it has been recommended by the experts not to sew it rather the user needs to strip off its old fabric and replace it with the new one. The steps to repair the chair seat cushion are as follows:
  1. Remove Seat Cushion:
    In order to repair the chair seat cushion, it is necessary for the user to remove the seat cushion from the chair. First, the user needs to flip the chair upside down and locate screws that are penetrated to the chair frame from the bottom. After locating the screws, the user needs to remove all those screws by using a screwdriver or a drill. Once the screws are removed, the user needs to push the seat from the bottom and it will pop out.
  2. Remove Old Fabric & Foam:
    The next step will be to remove old fabric and foam from the chair seat cushion. First, the user needs to place chair seat facing down and pull out all the staples from its back using a staple puller or any other suitable tool. After that, the user can take off its fabric easily and if the underneath foam is in good condition, the user can leave it on otherwise it should be removed as well. In order to remove the foam, the user needs to slide a putty knife in between the plywood and glue with which the glue will be cut loose and the user can take off the foam from plywood easily.
  3. Attach New Foam:
    After that, the user needs to attach the new foam to the chair seat plywood. First, the user needs to place a plywood piece over the new foam and cut it around using a utility knife. Then, the user needs to spray adhesive over the plywood and then place new foam over it. The user needs to wait until the adhesive dries and the foam & plywood sticks properly.
  4. Attach New Fabric:
    The next step will be to place the prepared foam and plywood over the new fabric with foam side facing downwards. The fabric piece should be at least 3 inches bigger than the plywood piece from all sides so that it can be wrapped around easily. Then, the user needs to place something heavy over the plywood back in order to compress the underneath foam. After that, the user needs to wrap and staple one corner of the fabric and follow that up by stapling the diagonally opposite corner by using a 1/4-inch leg and a 3/8-inch crown staple gun. Then, the user needs to staple the other two corners followed up by wrapping and stapling the entire fabric around.
  5. Reattach Seat Cushion:
    Once the new fabric is wrapped around the plywood, the user needs to reattach it back to the chair in a similar manner as it was removed.
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