Repair Chair Leg Dowel: Ways To Repair

Ways To Repair Chair Leg Dowel

Dowel refers to a wooden rod by which some tables and chairs are fitted together. The dowel rods run across from one leg to another and are glued inside the leg holes. Over time and with usage, the leg dowels may break or become loose and in order to repair such dowels, the user needs to follow the below-given ways:

Repairing Broken Dowels

The steps to repair broken dowels are as follows:
  1. Cut Off The Broken Dowel:
    The first step will be to cut off the broken dowel by using the saw. Alternatively, the user can take the dowel off by using any other tool without damaging the wooden legs.
  2. Drill Dowel Hole:
    If the dowel has broken inside the hole, it is necessary to clear old dowel tip from the hole. First, the user needs to prepare the drill by fitted one size smaller bit inside it. Also, the user needs to mark the drill bit with masking tape at the spot that should be half the dowel length e.g. if the dowel length is 4 inches, the drill bit should be marked at the 2-inch spot. After that, the user needs to drill inside the dowel hole slowly making sure the drill is held straight and the user needs to stop as he reaches the masking tape.
  3. Clean Dowel Hole:
    After that, the user needs to clean the inside of the dowel hole by blowing and shaking it. The user can also dig out the remaining old dowel fragments by using nails.
  4. Attach Replacement Dowel:
    Once the dowel hole is cleaned, the user needs to apply wood glue inside the hole and over the one side of the replacement dowel. After that, the user needs to fit the glued side of the dowel inside the hole. The user needs to repeat the step to the other side of the dowel hole as well. In order to attach the other side of the dowel, the user needs to place the empty glued hole over the other side of the glued dowel and press it down. The dowel must be held at a place until the wood glue dries.

Repairing Loose Dowels

In order to repair loose dowels, the user needs to follow the below-given steps:
  1. Remove Loose Dowel:
    The first step in the process will be to remove loose dowel by gently twisting it back & forth. The user needs to complete the step carefully without damaging the chair legs.
  2. Remove Old Glue:
    After that, the user needs to remove old glue from the dowel holes and dowel tips by using vinegar or hot water. It has been recommended by the experts to remove all old glue as it will not let the new glue bond well.
  3. Re-glue & Reattach Dowel:
    Once the dowel holes and tips are clean & dry, the user needs to re-glue and reattach dowel back to the chair. It has been recommended by the experts to apply a decent layer of glue inside the holes and over the tips before reattachment.
  4. Hold The Dowel At A Place Until Glue Dries:
    The next step will be to hold the dowel at a place by wrapping rope twice in between and around each pair of legs and tie the knot in the end. After that, the user needs to insert a stick in between the two ropes and then twist the stick in order to tighten the ropes. Once the ropes are taut, the user needs to leave them as it is until the glue used to attach dowel dries completely. At last, the user needs to remove the ropes carefully before putting the dowel chair back to use.
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