Repair Cat Scratches On Vinyl Furniture: Steps And Items Needed

Steps And Items Needed To Repair Cat Scratches On Vinyl Furniture

The lifespan of vinyl furniture is nearly about 15-25 years if you take proper care of it, regular cleaning can further extend its life, so it is recommended to clean it regularly. Vinyl furniture are mostly placed in the corners of our rooms. If you have pets in your home then you need to take extra care of your furniture because pets like dogs and cats can easily give scratches to your vinyl furniture. If you have cat scratches on your vinyl furniture and you are looking for the perfect solution then you are on right place because we present you the best solution for these types of issues. You can easily repair cat scratches on your vinyl furniture with a leather & vinyl repair kit. First you need to collect certain items necessary for this process before going through the steps mentioned below:

Items Required

Rubbing Alcohol Or Vinyl Cleaner
Fine-Grit Sandpaper
Soft & Scrap Cloth
Tintable Leather
Vinyl Repair Kit, you can buy it from Amazon


After collecting all the required items, now you need to follow the given steps carefully:
  1. Clean The Vinyl: First of all, you need to clean the area where you are working and the scratch exhaustively by using household cleaner or rubbing alcohol suitable for your vinyl furniture. If you are using a cleaning product then wipe the area by taking the help of a damp cloth afterward & dry the area.
  2. Trim Stray Fibers: Trim any fibers or strings sticking up from the damaged area of your vinyl furniture. Vinyl upholstery frequently has a mesh-like fabric backing so it can easily be damaged from the cat scratches.
  3. Sand The Damaged Area: Once done, softly sand the scratched area with the help of a fine-grit sandpaper to create a smoother repair finish on your furniture and then wipe the area by taking the help of soft cloth after sanding in order to remove loose particles from the surface.
  4. Cut Scrap Fabric To Help Fix A Hole: Cut a piece of your scrap fabric, like canvas fabric, for a scratch which is resulting in a tear almost 1/2-inch long. Cut this material in 1/2 inch longer in all directions than tear it and stuff into the hole and lining it up so you can't see its edges through with the hole. Grab your spatula tool from the repair kit in order to line up the material and then secure your fabric to the backside of your vinyl furniture with the adhesive (available in kit), and let the adhesive dry entirely. Skip this step if there are no holes in your vinyl furniture.
  5. Mix The Repair Solution: Now you need to mix the repair liquid with tints (included in the kit) until the color matches the vinyl furniture as closely as possible. Now apply a small amount of tinted liquid to an unnoticeable area & allow it to dry wholly and to ensure that the color is correct if not then you need to adjust it with tints as necessary & test it again.
  6. Spread The Repair Solution: Next you need to spread a layer of the tinted (repair solution) over the damaged area of your vinyl furniture by using the tiny spatula (available in the repair kit). Spread it so the solution is level with vinyl as much as possible while still entirely covering & sealing the damage.
  7. Apply The Grain Paper: Grab one of the grain papers from your repair kit, choose the one that most closely matches the texture of your vinyl furniture. Set down the grain-size of this paper over the wet repair area.
  8. Apply Heat: Finally heat the small flat-tipped metal tool available with your repair kit. Warm it on the iron plate and then set to high heat without steam & hold this tool on the iron for a few minutes. Apply this warmed metal tool flat side-down over the grain paper for at least 45 seconds or more but move slowly in circular motion to transfer heat through with the grain paper to the repair solution. Re-warm this metal tool as it cools, if indispensable, for a large repair area. Allow this repair to cool for more individual minutes, then peel the grain paper away.
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