Repainting Painted Kitchen Cabinets: Best Way To Repaint

Best way To Repaint Painted Kitchen Cabinets

The Best way to repaint the already painted kitchen cabinets are as follows:
  1. Drop Cloth: Before heading towards the painting process, it is better to place a drop cloth to protect the floor from the spills or drips.
  2. Clean: The next step is to clean the cabinet surface with the help of the TSP or detergent to remove all the dirt and grease, after that clean the area with the damp cloth to remove the TSP or detergent residue.
  3. Sanding: The next step is to sand the surface with the help of the sand blocker 100 grit sandpaper on it. Once the sanding is completed then wipe the dust with the help of the tack cloth.
  4. Paint: As the cabinets are already painted so there is no need of the primer, use the best quality angled brush to paint the beveled areas, and a roller to paint the flat surface.
  5. Apply: The next step is to apply the two light coats of paint, let the first coat dry completely before going for the second coat.
  6. Ridges Or Drips: In case there are any drips or ridges after the first coat, then lightly sand the area, then clean the sanding dust with the help of tack cloth before applying the second coat of paint.
  7. Glass Doors: In case of the glass doors protect the glass with the painters tape.
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