Removing Water Based Paint From Wood: Easy Ways To Remove

Easy Ways To Remove Water-Based Paint From Wood

Both acrylic and latex are water based paints and are best used in both commercial and residential purposes. These paints can be easily removed if the need arises by following easy techniques. Follow the steps mentioned below to remove the water-based paint from the wooden surface:
1.Scraping: Use a scraper to remove all the paint from the wood. Alternatively, a butter knife will also get the job done.
2.Solution Preparation: Take a bowl and create the blend of the rubbing alcohol and lemon. The quantities required are a ¼ cup of lemon and ¾ rubbing alcohol.
3.Application: Once the solution is ready sprinkle it over the soft cloth and apply over the entire painted surface.
4.Scrub: Get the non-abrasive nylon brush and scrub the paint with the same to remove all the paint. Continue scrubbing until the entire paint is removed.
5.Dry: Once the paint is removed take a soft and clean cloth to dry the area.

Removing Paint From Wood Without Sanding

Alternatively, water-based paint can be removed from the wooden surfaces without sanding and this can be done using the following method:
1.MilkPaint And Bonding Agent: This can be applied over the paint without the requirement of the sanding. It will easily adhere to any wood surfaces.
2.Chalk Paint: Chalk paint can also be applied over the old paint without sanding to get the updated look.
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