Removing Varnish From Hardwood Floors Without Sanding: 2 Easy Stripping Methods To Get Rid Of Varnish & Stain

General Overview

The hardwood floor planks can be installed in our homes, offices that looks good, also the hardwood floor is not so expensive. Now talk about the life and durability of your hardwood floor, the lifespan of hardwood floor is up-to 60-100 years if cared properly, and regular cleaning of your hardwood floor can extend the life of your hardwood floor and the durability of floor is also very good because the planks of floor made up of natural wood such as pine or oak wood. If you want to refinish your hardwood floor then you need to sand your floor but in some cases, sanding is not possible but don't worry the stripping methods work the same as the sanding process do.

2 Easy Stripping Methods To Get Rid Of Varnish & Stain

If you don't want to sand your hardwood floor then don't worry here are the 2 different stripping methods to simply get rid of stain & varnish. You need to follow all the given steps carefully to avoid any mistakes during your work process.

Method 1: Stripping With Liquid & Gel

  • Gel & liquid strippers are brushed on & an inexpensive, natural-fiber craft paintbrush can easily work as well as an expensive brush.
  • Before working with chemical types of strippers like liquid and gel stripper, you need to wear some self-safety equipment like rubber & eye protection, even with citrus products(milder). The chemical liquids are thinner & also work faster than the citrus gels, but they also dry faster, you need to monitor the stripper’s progress and avoid your wood to dry.
  • If you are working on a large item then you need to apply the chemical stripper to an area that is generally one linear or square foot & remove it before moving to the next area of your wooden planks.
  • When your chemical stripper has softened the varnish or stain enough for scraping process, the surface of your hardwood floor planks appear bubbled or wrinkled. Scrape off the stain or varnish with a help of a putty knife or with a paint scraper. You can also use a stiff-bristled scrub brush to remove stain or varnish from curved & fancy details.
  • Some of the varnish or stain may linger after scraping. In order to remove it then you need to dampen a soft & steel-wool pad(fine-grade) with more chemical paint stripper & rub it against the wood, and follow the wood grain, then wipe off the softened stain with a rag.

Method 2: Stripping By Heat

  • First you need to buy a heat gun from Amazon. The heat guns work quickly but the heat gun covers less ground at one time than chemical covers. Hold your heat gun as far from the surface of your wooden planks according to manufacturer guidance, you can now scrape off the softened varnish & stain with a putty knife or paint scraper before it cools.
  • The conventional heat guns produce intense heat, so use this gun carefully because it can char the wood or burn your skin. Infrared guns are used the same way as traditional heat guns, but they still can burn your skin easily, but they do not produce as much heat as the traditional guns do.
  • The heat gun might leave more stain behind your wooden planks than liquid or gel strippers do, so you also need steel wool, rags, and stripper or turpentine to loosen the last traces on your hardwood floor.
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