Removing Old Linoleum Asbestos: Major Steps To Remove

General Overview

The linoleum is very durable, low maintenance and the user can cut it into various patterns and shapes for installation.The linoleum is made of up mineral fillers like calcium carbonate and pigments and also known as lino. In order to make dark-colored linoleum the manufacturers used the asbestos with adhesive during the period of the 1920s. The removing process of asbestos is not an easy task to do. However the steps to remove the Old Linoleum with Asbestos are mentioned below;

Steps To Remove Old Linoleum Asbestos

Here are easy steps to remove linoleum asbestos:

Heat Removal

  1. Soften: In order to remove the linoleum asbestos, soft the adhesive which is necessary. If the linoleum is installed on concrete then hot gun and hot water can easily remove the asbestos from the floor.
  2. Cut: In order to cut the linoleum, cut it into small sections. Use floor scraper to peel back the top layer of asbestos then heat up the area with a heat gun to remove all layers of asbestos.

Wooden Subfloor Removal

  1. Circular Saw: In order to remove asbestos, use circular saw with 1/8-inch deeper blade. Remember to cut the linoleum or subfloor in the correct sections.
  2. Floor Scrapper: After cutting with linoleum flooring with a circular saw, now use a floor scraper to strip the asbestos from the floor.
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