Removing Mothball Odor From Cedar Chest: Different Methods To Remove Mothball Odor

Different Methods To Remove Mothball Odor From Cedar Chest

Mothballs secures upholstered furniture from getting damaged by pesky, fiber-loving moths, but this will not prevent it leaving behind a strong chemical odor. This bad odor has the capacity to remain for a longer time period after the mothballs are gone. It can also penetrate a whole room, no matter even if only a single piece of furniture has been kept with mothballs. Some of the methods are mentioned below to get rid of the mothball odors from the furniture including cedar chest:

Air It Out

You need to allow a lot of ventilation as well as airflow in order to safely and naturally get rid of the odors. If feasible, keep small pieces of furniture outside during the day for nearly two weeks to allow the fumes to disappear. The sunlight will also help in speeding up the process. If in case it is not possible to keep the large pieces of furniture outside, then you need to open a window as well as run a fan in order to move the air. If the furniture consists of many pieces, like a dresser with drawers or a couch having cushions, detach them so that the air can flow around each part.

Heat It Up

Apply a little quantity of heat in order to speed up the elimination of odors. You need to use a hairdryer at least once a day unless & until the mothball smell gets completely eliminated. This is exceptionally used in coincidence with the airing-out process, and make sure to do it in a well-ventilated area. But take good care not to overheat elegant fabrics or harm the finish on woodwork by allowing the hot air to remain on one spot for too long.

Absorb It

Some of the products that can help absorb the odors easily include baking soda, activated charcoal, coffee grounds, and white vinegar. Position a lightweight bowl, or numerous bowls, of any of the above-mentioned products on and around the furniture. This technique is particularly successful for pieces of furniture having small surrounded interior spaces, like the interior of a desk or dresser. You can also fill small spaces with a squeezed newspaper in order to assist absorb the odor.

Other Methods

You can also use commercial products particularly made to eliminate the strong odors that do not have added scents. Smoothly sand wood surfaces that are not noticeable, including the interior of a cabinet having doors to eliminate the odor from the surface. You can also refinish wood areas by removing the existing finish and spreading a new one in order to get rid of the odor. Sprinkle furniture that won't be harmed by moisture, like patio furniture, with a combination of 60 percent denatured alcohol and 40 percent water.

What Not To Do

Make sure not to use a lot of water, detergent, or other liquid cleaners on wood furniture. This is due to the reason that it makes the odor more difficult to eliminate and may also harm the wood. Keep away from using thermal fog or ozone generator treatments, & any products that use a fragrance to cover up odors. Enzyme-based deodorizers should also not be used, so avoid using it as much as possible.
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