Removing Linoleum And Underlayment: Simple Steps For Removing

General Overview

Removing linoleum and underlayment is a relatively easy task and can be done by the individual itself. The procedure needs to be initiated from one side of the room and needs to be continued in an orderly way. Push the tiles with the help of the putty knife in order to remove it.

Simple Steps To Remove Linoleum And Underlayment

Simple steps to remove the linoleum and underlayment are mentioned as below.

Method 1- Linoleum Removing

  1. Baseboard Removal: The baseboards needs to be removed first using the putty knife without damaging it.
  2. Marking: Each baseboard needs to be marked in the way they were laid in order to reinstall them accordingly after the installation of the new flooring.
  3. Utility Knife: Push the tiles up with the help of the utility knife target the centerline to push it in both directions vertically and horizontally.
  4. Remove Linoleum: With the help of the utility knife remove the sheet of the linoleum. This must be done with all linoleum sections in the square. Continue the process to eliminate entire linoleum flooring.

Method 2- Plywood Underlayment

  1. Adhesive Remover: The application of the adhesive remover must be done on the entire area where the fasteners are located and allow it sit as per the waiting time instructions labeled on the product.
  2. Scrapping: After completion of the waiting time scrap the remover with the help of the putty knife again. Keep on cleaning the knife using a rag cloth and continue the scrapping till the entire adhesive is removed.
  3. Fasteners And Nails: The fasteners and nails holding the underneath must be removed claw hammer or other types right equipment.
  4. Screws: The screws holding the underlying need also to be removed with the help of the screwdriver.
  5. Repeating: To remove all the screws and fasteners the above two steps can be repeated.
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