Removing Black Water Stains From Wood: Steps To Remove

Steps to Remove Black Water Stains From Wood

Blackwater stains gets attached on wood easily that looks very bad. There are two types of water stains like fresh stains or old stains. So if there is a water stain on wood then no need to worry about it as there are many ways to clean the black water stains. Here are some easy and quick ways to clean wood from black water stains.

Clean Fresh Stains

  1. Stains: If the stains are fresh then immediately clean the affected area with cotton cloth.
  2. Dry: The customers can Use hair dryer as hot air dryer can help to dry the affected area within few minutes.
  3. Polish: Check again carefully if the stains are still present then use polish to clean the remaining stains from wood. Furniture polish also works for removing water stains.

Clean Old Stains

  1. Salt and Olive Oil: Salt is very helpful to clean wood stains. So make some paste of olive oil and salt and apply it to old stains.
  2. Toothpaste: Now use toothpaste to remove old stains from wood. Take some toothpaste on a cotton cloth and rub it on stains for 4-5 minutes.
  3. Soda: Now take some Baking soda and dissolve with one or two tablespoons of water and apply it with cloth on stains and then rub for 5 minutes and leave for nearly an hour.
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