Remove Stain From Wood Without Sanding: Major Steps To Remove

Major Steps To Remove Stain From Wood Without Sanding

There are a number of the methods used to remove stain from the From Wood Without Sanding, the best of them is mentioned below;
  1. Fill: The first step is to fill the metal container with the stain stripper, the user can easily find the stained stripper from any online or local hardware store.
  2. Apply: Now the next step is to apply the thick layer of the stain stripper on the surface with the paintbrush, carefully dip the brush in the solution until it will get fully saturated, then apply it across the surface where the stain is to be removed.
  3. Wait For 15-20 Minutes: The next step is to allow the stripper to sit on the surface for about 15 to20 minutes, or the user can check the time on the stripper. However, the user needs to remember that the stripper should not get fully dried on the surface
  4. Plastic Scraper: With the help of the plastic scraper scrape the stain, stain the staining process from the edge of the wood, it is important that user should gently scrape the stain otherwise the surface will get damaged. Avoid using the sharp-edged scraper.
  5. Steel-wool Pad: Now the user needs to dip the steel-wool pad in the stripper and then wipe the surface, wipe in the directions of the grains. Also, wipe the nooks, corners, and crannies as well.
  6. Rag And Water: At last, the user needs to wipe the wood with the rag dipped in clean water, this will help to clean the surface and remove the residue, then allow the wood to dry.
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