Remove Laminate From Cabinets: Steps For Removing Laminate

Brief Overview

From many years the laminate wood veneer has been used for cabinets. The beauty of solid wood is retained by the veneer and costs less amount of money for making cabinets. Nowadays plastic laminate has been used that matches with the wood and tiles, and are mostly recommended for home construction. If the customer wants to apply the latest and trending laminate wood veneer on the cabinets then the existing laminate needs to be removed so that the cabinet frame can be prepared for applying a new finish.

Steps For Removing Laminate From Cabinets

The material required for removing laminate from cabinets includes a heat gun, utility knife, rubber gloves, safety goggles, paintbrush, and screwdriver. The steps are mentioned below:
  1. Apply Heat: The first step is to take a heat gun and apply heat at the upper edges of the cabinet frame to detach the laminate. Move the heat gun in to and fro direction so that the cement softens.
  2. Remove Laminate: Take a utility knife and insert its tip into space between the cabinet frame and the laminate. Wear the rubber gloves and safety goggles and pull the laminate to detach it from the cabinet panel.
  3. Remove Remaining Laminate: Continuously apply the heat and slowly remove the laminate from the cabinet.
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