Refinishing Wood Paneling: Steps To Refinish

Steps To Refinish Wood Paneling

The tools that are required to refinish the wood paneling includes stain, wood putty, dust mask, shop vacuum, sandpaper, drop cloths, goggles, and an orbital sander. The steps are mentioned below to refinish the wood paneling:
  1. Prepare The Area: The first step is to choose the proper area and remove the furnishing components from the area. If any component is impossible to remove from the area then cover those components with a drop cloth. The working area should be properly ventilated.
  2. Sand The Paneling: For sanding the panels an orbital sander is required that roughens the panel surface. It is always moved in the direction of the wood grain. If sander is used in the circular direction it will cause uneven spots on the surface of panels.
  3. Vacuum Up The Dust: Next step is to remove the debris and sanded residue from the wood panel surface. Vacuuming also helps to determine the spots on the wood panel surface.
  4. Putty And Sand The Panels: If there exists any hole in the wood panel fill it with putty. When the putty dries completely smooth the wood panel surface with sandpaper.
  5. Stain And Finish The Wood: Then apply stain on the wood panels. Polyurethane or varnish finish can be applied on the wood panels that will bring a new look of the wood panel and also protects the wood panel from damage.
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