Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors: Steps To Refinish

Brief Overview

With time the floor becomes old and the settlement of dirt, scratches, and stains remove the finish of the floors. Refinishing the old hardwood floors brings the life back to the old floors.
Can All Wood Floors Be Refinished?
The hardwood floors start to become dull and lose color after 20 years that means the floors need to get refinished. In the lifespan of the hardwood floors, the users can sand the floor 8 times. So it is important to refinish the floor so that it can achieve its beauty back.

Steps For Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors

The steps are given below for refinishing the hardwood floors:
  1. Material Required: The first step is to gather all the material that is needed for refinishing old hardwood floors like a hammer, commercial cleaner, dry cloth, floor polisher, and vacuum cleaner.
  2. Empty The Room: For refinishing the floor, remove all the furniture and other belongings from the room where the floors are to be refinished and empty the room.
  3. Make Any Necessary Repairs: Next step is to check the scratches, holes, and cracks on the floor and then repair those cracks, holes, and scratches. Fill the holes with wood putty and leave the putty to dry on the floor and lightly sand the floor along the direction of the wood grain.
  4. Clean The Floor: Remove dirt, debris, and other residues from the floor surface by using a commercial cleaner. Do not use any homemade solution for cleaning as it can damage the finish of the floorboards.
  5. Allow The Floor To Dry: Now the users can use the soft dry cloth for wiping the floor surface and leave the floor to dry.
  6. Gently Scuff The Old Finish: Then scrape the old finish from the floor surface by using a floor polisher which is having a synthetic pad attached with it.
  7. Vacuum The Dust: Take a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle and clean the dust particles from the floor surface.
  8. Apply Chosen Finish: Last step is to apply the finish on the hardwood floor with the help of a sponge mop and wait until the finish dries completely on the floor surface.
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