Refinishing Oak Kitchen Cabinets: Steps To Refinish Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Steps To Refinish Oak Kitchen Cabinets

The best way to Refinish Oak Kitchen Cabinets is as follows:
  1. Remove: To start the process, firstly remove the cabinet doors, drawers as well as the hardware like hinges.
  2. Solution: Now make a solution of the 2 to 3 tablespoons trisodium phosphate and 1 gallon of hot water mix well. Now wipe the cabinets with the solution so that all grease, dirt and another buildup from the wood is removed. Then rinse it with the clean water and allow it to dry.
  3. Chemical Stripper: Apply the chemical stripper with the paintbrush, and leave the stripper on the surface until it starts to bubble.
  4. Scrape: Now with the help of the putty knife scrape off the softened finish from the surface, once all the stripper is done than Wipe the cabinets with a damp cloth, so that all the stripper and debris is removed, and allow the wood to dry completely.
  5. Sand: Once the surface is completely dried than sand it with the help of 220-grit sandpaper that makes the surface smooth and prepares it for stain. Always sand in the direction of the wood grain, after sanding wipe the wood with a tack cloth to remove sanding dust.
  6. Stain: Apply the stain to the cabinet with the best quality brush, apply the stain in a small section and apply in the even coats, once completed the staining process, then let it dry completely.
  7. Polyurethane: The final step is to apply the thin coat of the oil-based polyurethane and allow it to dry.
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