Refinishing Oak Floors: Major Steps To Refinish

The wood of the oak tree is strong enough to make an floor for homes. The lifespan of the oak floor is nearly 10-50 years if cared properly. The finish of the oak floor gets old after a short period of time and need to refinish. Tea, coffee, juice or other liquids can be the main reasons for minor stains on oak floor.

Steps To Refinish Oak Floors

The easy and quick steps to refinish oak floor:

Sanding Process

  1. Machine Sander: The first step to refinish the oak floor is to choose best machine for work. Orbital sander or square sander can also sand the oak floor but it will take too much time to finish the work. So, it's better to use drum sander.
  2. Choose Grit: If the condition of oak floor is good then use 60 grit coarse sandpaper if not then use 36 grit sandpaper. This coarse paper will remove the old finish from the oak floor.
  3. Sand: Now sand the oak floor with drum sander with attached coarse sandpaper to remove finish from floor. Now again sand the floor with 100-120 grit sandpaper to remove visible lines from oak floor.

Cleaning Floor

  1. Vacuum: After the user sands the oak floor, there will be heavy sawdust on floor. Clean it with the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Broom And Pan: Use broom and dust pan to remove saw dust from oak floor.
  3. Mineral Spirits: Mix mineral spirit with water in a large bucket. Spread mixed solution on floor then dip a clean tack or rag cloth in mineral spirit solution and rub the oak floor with it.

Staining The Floor

  1. Choose And Test: The user need to choice best stain for the oak floor. Light shade stain suits best on oak floor. Before staining the entire oak floor, test the stain on a corner.
  2. Start Staning: Finally, start staining the oak floor with selected stain, apply it with paintbrush.


  1. Work Of Polyurethane: In order to give luster and finish to oak floor use polyurethane finish.
  2. Apply: The user need microfiber applicator or lamb's wool to apply the polyurethane according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Dry: Finally, allow the oak floor to dry for nearly 24 hours.
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