Refinishing Lane Acclaim Furniture: Brief Overview

How To Refinish Lane Acclaim Furniture?

  • First put hand stripping on the old Lane Acclaim Furniture.
  • Once all the finish will be removed from it, wash its surface by Acetone and make sure all the stripper on it is removed.
  • Then use denatured alcohol in order to neutralize acids of stripper and then wash it again with Naptha with which traces of silicone on furniture will be removed.
  • Let it dry for few days and after that apply sand on it with hand and try to match it with its original finish.
  • Use 220 grit Norton 3X sandpaper on its veneered top and also reshape oak edges with 180 grit and 220 grit Norton paper.
  • After that use Gel Stain "American Oak" on it in order to give it natural color.
  • After that, coat it with de-waxed shellac and the user can also give it a glaze coat of color if needed.
  • After glaze coat, give it another coat of de-waxed shellac and then a coat of solvent lacquer sanding sealer.
  • Over the next 3 days, the user needs to apply 4 coats of solvent lacquer sanding sealer on it using HVLP spray system.
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