Refinishing Furniture Without Stripping: Major Steps To Refinish Old Wooden Furniture

It is not necessary to always strip the furniture so that it can regain its original shine, the users can refinish the furniture without stripping to gain the shine.

Major Steps To Refinish The Old Wooden Furniture/Table Without Stripping

The steps are given below to refinish the furniture without stripping:
  1. Material Required: The users need to gather all the material and tools that are required for refinishing the furniture without stripping like soapy water, sponge, clean towel, water, straightedge razor, epoxy putty, utility knife, sandpaper, gel stain, wax repair sticks, soft cloth, and clean rag.
  2. Clean It Up: Next step is to remove the dirt and debris particles from the furniture surface. For doing this prepare a solution by mixing the dish soap and water. Then soak the sponge into the solution and gently clean the surface of the furniture with the sponge. Wash the furniture surface with clean water and sponge and then dry the furniture surface with a clean towel.
  3. Fix White Rings: For fixing the white rings in the furniture spread the petroleum jelly on the affected area and leave it on the furniture for a night. The jelly will go into the finish and repairs the white rings.
  4. Scrape Paint Without Damaging The Finish: Now remove the paint spots from the furniture surface with the help of a straightedge razor. Hold the razor in hand and cover the razor blades with masking tape from both the edges. The blade of the razor bends and become curved. The use of tape on the edges of blades keeps the blade away from the furniture and protects it from scratches. Hold the razor in a perpendicular direction and scrape off the paint.
  5. Replace Missing Wood: Next step is to check the furniture and if there exists any damage to the wood then repair the damage. Take epoxy putty on the utility knife and make a sticky paste of it then apply the paste to the repair area within ten minutes before it hardens. When the epoxy dries completely then sand and, stain the repaired area of the furniture without removing the finish.
  6. Restore The Color With Gel Stain: Take a soft cloth and stuff it with a dark gel stain then rub it on the furniture surface. Then clean the surface with a clean cloth. The gel stain will hide scratches and cover bad defects on the furniture.
  7. Fill Small Cracks: After applying the gel stain finish, the users need to check the cracks and nail holes in the furniture and fill them with the wax repair sticks. Then clean the furniture with a soft cloth.
  8. Get Rid Of Dents: Now the another step is to remove dents from the furniture by dampening the furniture. The moisture expands the fibers of the wood and brings it back to the original position.
  9. Renew The Luster: The last step is to apply a final coat of finish on the furniture surface with the help of a clean rag in a twisting pattern so that the furniture regain the shine and protect the surface from damage.
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