Refinishing Cultured Marble: Two Easy Methods To Refinish Cultured Marble Countertops

Two Easy Methods To Refinish Cultured Marble Countertops

The cultured marble countertop is very easy to clean that also offer the appearance of the more expensive stone. If the abrasive cleaners are used, then they can easily scratch the shiny gel coat surface of the cultured marble. If the scratch is not too deep, then it can be refinished with the automotive finishing compound and a buffer. In order to refinish the cultured marble countertop, go through the below-mentioned methods, and follow the one that suits you the most:

Method 1: Sanding

  1. 220 Grit Sandpaper: Take a dampened piece of the 220-grit sandpaper & start sanding from one edge, begin evenly sanding the surface of the cultured marble in the long and even lines. Work the way to the opposite edge, this will help in maintaining a level sanding. Then dampen new pieces of the sandpaper as needed to continue with the sanding job. Once the sanding is done then wipe down the surface with a clean, soft cloth.
  2. 400 Grit Sandpaper: Now again dampen a piece of the 400-grit sandpaper and, start again at one end, evenly sand out the entire cultured marble surface the same as in the above step. Keep the sanding process even, level, as well as straight. Change the damp pieces of the sandpaper when required. Wipe the surface again with a clean as well as soft cloth.
  3. 600 Grit Sandpaper: In this step now dampen a piece of 600-grit sandpaper and start sanding. After the first sanding finished, examine the cultured marble. If all of the mars are cleaned, then stop here and wipe down the surface thoroughly with the help of a moistened, clean and soft cloth. Continue sanding if the marble still has scratches or the stains. After each sanding is done, re-examine the surface until it looks pristine, then wipe down the surface completely with the help of a moist cloth.
  4. Polyurethane Varnish: Finally dip a paintbrush in the polyurethane varnish and then apply an even coat starting from one end to the other, in the long and straight strokes. Allow the polyurethane to dry for about two to three hours then apply a second coat if desired. Let the marble to dry completely for overnight.

Method 2: Automotive Finishing Compound

  1. In this method the first step is to rub the automotive finishing compound on the surface of the marble with the help of a wool pad. Leave it to haze over. Dampen out the surface lightly. After that sand away the finishing compound using 1,000-grit sandpaper. Start the sanding by hand or with the help of a multipurpose tool. Keep the surface damp. It is advisable to take care of not sanding too deeply. Keep the sanding job at a level so that the surface will not develop any dips.
  2. Rinse out the entire surface with the clear water and make it dry thoroughly.
  3. Now apply another coat of the automotive finishing compound with the help of a wool pad & then let it haze over. This time the user needs to buff the finishing compound with the help of a buffing pad that is attached to a buffer. Finally, clean the surface with clear water.
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